Visiting Rimini – outdoor activities and more beyond the beach

Vineyards of Tenuta Santini near Rimini in Emilia-Romagna with a background view of Mount Titano

Visiting Rimini is the perfect way to add beach and adventure when visiting Italy (an important balance to the delicious food and wine). Traditionally seen as a beach destination, the area offers quite a variety of outdoor activities as well. The tourist areas of the town almost seem perfectly sectioned off for visitors looking for different things – from parties to children’s activities – so it’s helpful to plan ahead based on what type of holiday you’re after. This guide covers what to do beyond the beach (and even had discount codes for your bookings!).

Sprawling vines on vineyard tasting room in Tenuta Santini Rimini Emilia-Romagna

Visiting the Adriatic Coast of Italy

Before visiting Rimini, when I thought of Italy, I thought of Rome. Most people spend a few days in Rome, for history and cobblestone streets and a modern city intertwined. But I didn’t think of, or even realize, the rolling hills, beautiful beaches or towering mountains, which I now know is a shame. Emilia-Romagna is one of Italy’s 20 regions, and Rimini is its smallest province.

The Emilia-Romagna region is known for its landscapes and wine. It is an ideal part of Italy for outdoor activities. So while Rimini is known for its sprawling beaches, this guide includes more to stretches your legs before you fill your wine glasses!

Disclosure: I visited Rimini as a part of Get Your Rimini Experience, a program designed to promote different types of travel to the area and participated in many of the listed activities at no cost. My opinions and recommendations remain my own. Many of the experiences listed here can be booked via their website, and using a discount code for How Dare She readers (JESSGYRE).

What to do in Rimini

Everything included in this guide (and more) is pinned in this Rimini map to make planning easier for you!

Public and private beaches in Rimini

Because Rimini is such a beach town, you’ll notice that the lounges stretch for miles along the coast. How does this work though? There are public beaches open to all – the easiest to get to is near the ferris wheel (“La Ruota Panoramica” near the harbor if you’re looking at the map).

The rest of the lounge areas are numbered, with each hotel having its own associated number. Each section will have lounges, showers, restrooms and even fun beach activities/sports like volleyball, soccer, paddle ball, etc. If the hotel you’re staying at doesn’t have one, you can get a day pass (note: depending on how you book your hotel, you will likely still need to pay a day rate for access).

E-bike around town and to nearby villages

Cycling and e-bikes are popular in Italy, especially in Rimini. E-bikes are an ideal option for less avid cyclers who still want to ride a bike, but could use some help. With all of the hills in the area, I was very happy to have the assistance of the e-bike. Emotion Bikes have a few options, in town and all the way to nearby villages. We opted for the 50km roundtrip up to Verucchio, which was a perfect combination of beautiful views and cycling on a track.

You can book that tour here (use discount code JESSGYRE).

Vineyards and olive groves near Rimini with soft sunset light

Check out old town Rimini

Rimini’s old town is just off the beach and worth exploring, if on a stroll or bike tour. The Tiberius Bridge is the icon of the city. You can see ruins of the Roman ampitheater and the Arch of Augustus. Palazzo dell’Arengo is impressive and there are many religious buildings to see like the Tempio Malatestiano and Church of Sant’Agostino. Be sure to look for paintings with nods to famous Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini, who was born in the region.

Go to scamporella for a picnic in the olive groves

Each Thursday, Giunchi farm opens its olive groves up to visitors for a picnic called “scamporella.” It is in the Cesena area. You can get there by taxi from Rimini, or book the experience in advance. For each group, pairs get a picnic basket with starters and it’s all the wine and water you can drink. Through the evening, more courses are brought out to your picnic area with beautiful music playing in the background.

Yoga and sound therapy

Rimini has a large community focused on wellness, which is why you’ll see people running, biking and playing volleyball or sports in every direction. As a balance to the sports, yoga on the beach is a good way to relax. If you want to book this, you can do so among the experiences on the Romagna Welcome site here (use code JESSGYRE for a discount).

Wine tasting in Rimini

It won’t take long to notice the abundance of Sangiovese in the wine section of menus in Rimini. This wine is unique to the area and often the house wine option. Tenuta Santini is a local producer close to the city and offers tasting and tours of the vineyards on request. You can access the area by public bus or many opt for overland trekking.

Woman in sunhat in Tenuta Santini vineyards with view of Mount Titano in the background

Windsurfing in Rimini

Rimini is a popular spot for windsurfing with its consistent winds.

Unless you have your own equipment and experience, you will want to book this! You can book a windsurfing session here (don’t forget discount code JESSGYRE).

Go to the spa

Riminiterme is a spa at the south end of Rimini Beach. It has thermal pools, a sauna, steam room and massage services. It is the only spa in Rimini using salt water in its thermal pools and has a room for salt therapy. This is a good option if you need a break from the sun, but still want to relax in a lounge chair or the water. Do note, for those expecting hot thermal water (like a hot tub jacuzzi), their highest temp element is about 93°F (34°C), to keep it below body temperature.

Food and drink in Rimini

There are no shortages of restaurants in Rimini and you will have plenty to choose from. Here are a few things that you should know to try while in Rimini (especially if it’s your first time in Italy).

Aperitivo (apéritif)

Aperitivo is kind of like a happy hour. In the early evening, you will find patios filled with people having their aperitivos. You can choose a cocktail or glass of wine for your drink, and most restaurants will serve a small plate of snacks to go along with it (some even have a buffet that you can serve yourself from). Aperol spritz is the most traditional aperitivo in the area and while it may be a bit bitter on first taste, it definitely grows on you.


Piadina is the staple of Rimini and the greater Romagna region. These are small, thin, baked flat bread (think like a pita), with ingredients inside. The traditional Rimini piadina will have cured ham, rocket and cheese, but you can find all kinds of combinations.


This is the wine of the region. It can be made with red or white grapes, but is traditionally made red. Often if you order it, you will get a mini carafe, so be prepared to share!

Sangiovese grapes in Rimini vineyard with rolling hills and Mount Titano in the background

How to get to and around Rimini

Rimini is well-connected to the rest of Italy, making it an easy destination to get to. There is a small airport, but trains and buses run so frequently with many routes that I would recommend taking the train. Italians also do frequently use BlaBla Car, which is kind of like hitchhiking with the protection of an app. You can search your route and see who has space in their car, what they’re charging and message to make sure that they have enough room for luggage, etc.

Buses to Rimini

Rimini is easily traveled to and around by bus. 11 is the main line that runs along the beach and back to the station, where you can catch buses to nearby villages. Visitors should look at multi-day cards, allowing unlimited transport during your stay. Otherwise, you need individual tickets, which you will validate when you get on board. Note that if you’re coming to Rimini from the North, you should expect to connect through Bologna.

Trains to Rimini

Train is the most convenient way to get to and from Rimini. Trains run very often to Bologna (and connecting further North) and to Acona (to go further South or West). You can refer to the Italia Rail website for timetables and tickets. You can book your tickets online or at the station (counters or machines).

Flights to Rimini

Rimini has a small airport (Federico Fellini Airport), but it services mostly domestic routes. There are some international routes servicing flights from Russia, Hungary, Poland and Albania, to name a few countries.

Day trips from Rimini

Because it is easily connected by train and bus, Rimini is a good spot to have as a base, with some day trips to nearby areas.

San Marino from Rimini

Visiting the Republic of San Marino from Rimini is likely the most popular day trip option. San Marino is a separate country, completely enveloped by Italy. It’s the fifth smallest country in the world and least visited in Europe. You can get there and back in a day, or stay overnight. A €5 bus runs nearly hourly in both directions, or it is an easy drive for rental cars or campers.


Verucchio is a nearby village with cobblestone streets and a castle towering over the town at the top of the hill. If you don’t want to ebike from Rimini to get there, you can also access by car and public bus.

Rooftops of buildings in Verucchio with rolling hills in the background


Novafeltria is a sizeable village tucked into the side of a mountain with stunning panoramic views along the winding drive to get there. You can get there by public bus. This is where you’ll want to go to see the Skypark.

Where to stay in Rimini

There are countless accommodation options in Rimini, so you need to make some decisions about what you want out of your trip before you decide where to stay – how close to the beach and what style is your trip.

The first is how close to the beach you want to be – none of the hotels are directly on the beach, but there are two first lines of hotels that are closest to the beach. These are the ones likely to have beach access. Then behind the second row, there are hotels running many blocks back, which will have lower rates.

Next, you will want to consider what your trip style will be. If you’re looking for partying and clubs, you will want to be on the North side of the beach. But if you are traveling as a family or with kids, you will want to be further South, where there are more arcades and playgrounds and children’s activities. If you want something in the middle of those, stay in the middle of them.

If you are looking for a luxury option, the only two five-star options in Rimini are the i-Suite Hotel and the Grand Hotel Rimini. Hotel Regina Elena 57 is where I stayed, and both it and Hotel Corallo are great options on the main row.

If you book any of the hotels from the Get Your Rimini Experience game, you can get a discount using the code JESSGYRE; see those hotels listed here.

Regina Elena 57

Hotel Corallo

Grand Hotel Rimini

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Visiting Rimini - outdoor activities and more beyond the beach

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