It’s a simple word that my grandmother has closed every phone call with my entire life. Well, she says,”God bless and lovingly.” Little did I know until I set the How Dare She project in motion that it is actually a CODE WORD!

Grandma, FTW. (pictured, being expressive as always)Grandma at Dad's Wedding

As I talked with her about my plans, she told me the story behind it, insisting that I implement the word into my content (and when your grandmother tells you to do something, you do it).

I would have previously thought of code words being used for little boys with clubs in their tree houses, or perhaps for people who choose to perform questionable (illegal) activities and need to set up protections. But for my family, the code word was a way to check in. Many years ago, her sister was modeling. Because she was young and not sure of the situations she would encounter, she would always talk with her mother (my great-grandmother) on the phone from the site. If she signed off with lovingly, everyone knew all was well. If she skipped it, the alert went off that she did not feel safe/comfortable/ok/etc., without potentially tipping off those around her. Elegantly simple, and a proactive way of looking out for each other.

With that, you can expect to see lovingly throughout my journey. Though I’ve heard it my whole life, using it is new to me, so if at first it is omitted, it is likely our of forgetfulness, not discomfort with my situation.

lovingly, jessica


Founder of How Dare She, Jessica is on a mission to visit every country in the world, and bring you along with through photos, video and stories. 6 continents and 98 countries in. She has a BA in journalism and Master's in innovation and change, but her real skill is plugging in a USB in 2 or less tries (most of the time). She believes daring isn't about being fearless, but choosing to opt in, in spite of fear. She dares to see, taste, experience and meet the world as she goes.

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