Hostel Review – YHA National Park Backpackers

YHA National Park Backpackers

Sum it up: Cold hostel/climbing gym with lots of room.

My length of visit (for your reference): 1 night

Cost: $26 NZD ($19.50 USD)/night for an 8 person dorm


Hostel Basics:

  • WiFi: No. They had WiFI you could purchase, but others staying said it didn’t work.
  • Breakfast: No.
  • Guest-Use Kitchen: Yes. And it’s the warmest place in the building, so was a good hangout.
  • Bar/Kitchen: No.
  • BYO: Not sure…


Location: In a tiny strip of services in National Park, so it’s about your only option.


Airport Transfers: Airport?


Hostel Overview: Would you go back? If I was driving through again, sure.


The hostel was a good stopover for me on the roadtrip south. It was FREEZING. It’s pretty massive, so I’m assuming it might have been different in season. It’s kind of strangely in the middle of a climbing gym too (I had to duck behind a climbing wall to get to my room). Kind of cool, if you’re into that. Except the climbing gym is pitch black and you have to fondle your way in the dark to your room and your key. It was a super short stay, but it seemed like a cool place if you were a climber and were spending a lot of time in the park.


Need to Know: Pack an extra layer. No heat and if you’re in the winter it will be COLD.


Pros/Cons: Unique offerings. Really cold. Friendly staff. No WiFi.


lovingly, jess

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