Hostel Review – Flinders Backpackers, Melbourne, Australia

Flinders Backpackers

Sum it up: Bustling city hostel close to everything.

My length of visit (for your reference): 3 nights

Cost: $24 AUD ($20.00 USD)/night for a 16 person dorm (price variable by day of the week)


Hostel Basics:

  • WiFi:
  • Breakfast: Yes – a good one too. Coffee/tea, muesli (several options), toast with butter and jam, AND, a make-your-own pancakes station!!
  • Guest-Use Kitchen: Yes, and it’s pretty nicely sized. Given the size of the hostel, though, it’s pretty much always busy. Massive walk-in cooler for food storage.
  • Bar/Kitchen: Bar on property
  • BYO: Yes, but cannot be consumed in the bar area (liquor licensing).


Location: Located right near the popular Flinder Street Station, 5 minute’s walk from Federation Square (and access to everything else) and a quick walk/short free tram ride to the main train/bus station.


This location is excellent, but somewhat hard to find at night. The street is BUSY and has a tram running through it. This is great because there’s a free tram zone that you can take easy advantage of. As always, hostels right in the city mean that they get the city noise, but it is a reasonable level.


Airport Transfers: No. But they will link you up with a shuttle that brings you straight to the property for $1 more than the bus.


Hostel Overview: Would you go back? Yes.


The hostel is massive, but vertically. It’s a bit strange, but bathrooms are only on every-other floor, so depending on which floor your are on, you may not have a bathroom on your floor. This makes for up/down stairs for a late night bathroom run, brushing your teeth or filling your water bottle. The large dorms themselves are fine, but without assigned bed numbers, I had a run-in with a girl who had a few too many beverages informing me that I was in her bed. All good though; and despite the fact that there were 16 beds in the room, they were plenty large enough for everyone, their stuff, and air to circulate (


Need to Know: It’s hard to find!! When you arrive, make sure to be looking on the doors for information; it will look like you’re going into a bar, but you’re going into the hostel. On Google Maps, you will see it as Flinder Street HOTEL vs. HOSTEL. This is the same place. The kitchen, and free breakfast, get very busy, so if you can swing it, try to hit the sides of the peak times.


Pros/Cons: Great, central location; FREE breakfast. No free WiFi, not the most social atmosphere.


lovingly, jess


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