Hostel Review – Duke Hostel, Greymouth, New Zealand

Duke Hostel

Sum it up: Big hostel that feels like you’re staying at your aunt and uncle’s house (your cool aunt and uncle, not the weird ones).

My length of visit (for your reference): 2 nights

Cost: $ NZD ($20.77 USD)/night for a 4 person dorm


Hostel Basics:

  • WiFi: Yes.
  • Breakfast: Yes. Toast, with butter and jam.
  • Guest-Use Kitchen: Yes. And seriously, this kitchen is AMAZING. It is the cleanest, most well-kept and organized kitchen I’ve ever seen in a hostel. More clean and organized than most personal kitchens I’ve been in. It has plenty of room to work, and ovens! I thought the kitchen was a perfect show of how the owners care for the property, keep things orderly, and guests follow suit. I want that kitchen.
  • Bar/Kitchen: Yes, but it was closed for the season.
  • BYO: Yes.


Location: Greymouth is quite small, but the location seemed great. Easy walk to the grocery or liquor stores, which are right by the train station. ~40 minute drive up the most amazing coast road to the Pancake Rocks.


Airport Transfers: No.


Hostel Overview: Would you go back? Absolutely!


This hostel was incredible. It was warm (literally) and inviting. The owners are present and involved (and make soup for the guests every day!!). When checking in, they asked what I was doing the next day. When I said going to the Pancake Rocks, he pulled out a map and told me all the places “we” were going to add to my itinerary, that I needed to see on the way too/from. I didn’t as


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