Hostel Review – Bamboo Beach, Nadi, Fiji

Bamboo Beach | Nadi, Fiji

Sum it up: Basic accommodations, directly on the beach with the friendliest staff.

My length of visit (for your reference): 4 days/3 nights

Cost: $15 FJD ($7.50 USD)/night for a 16 person dorm (no bunks!!)

Hostel Basics:

  • WiFi: Yes, free. Not the greatest, but it’s a hostel on the beach of Fiji – get off your phone.
  • Breakfast: No. See kitchen.
  • Guest-Use Kitchen: No.
  • Bar/Kitchen: Both. Good variety of food on the menu and a wide range of prices, so you can start the day with a coffee and toast for about $4 FJD or get a full breakfast if that’s more your style.
  • BYO: Yes, but there are no fridges, so if you want something cold, head to the bar.

20150424_063804-01Location: If you prefer to be closer to the city, this one is not for you. If you want to wake up and walk into the ocean without putting shoes on, Bamboo Beach is the spot.

The hostel is located directly on the beach, in a row with several other hostels. Many of the reviews knock the location, but that is more for where all of the hostels are located, not this one in particular. It is at the end of the row, though, so you have a feeling of a bit more privacy. The location is about 15 minutes from the airport, with a bus stop to town less than half a block away. I found it quite convenient to be able to get to town, quick from the airport, right on the water, and close to other hostels, creating a community vibe.

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Airport Transfers: Yes, but.

BUT, make sure you give your information in advance. They will pick you up from the airport, but you’re on your own to get back to the airport at the end of your stay. Be sure to email them prior to your flight, including your itinerary, to complete the planning process.

Hostel Overview: Would you go back? For sure! I actually have a kayak trip planned for *when* I go back.

Since this was the first hostel of my trip and I read reviews about the location, I only booked my first few days in advance, so that I could see if I liked it first. I ended up extending my stay (a common theme) because the hostel is RIGHT on the water and the staff is the friendliest I’ve experienced in a hostel. That is part Fiji – you’ll start saying “bula” in your sleep before you leave – but mostly the staff. The staff are just that – staff. Not other travelers. They love what they do and knew everyone by name. Each person made sure that everyone is having a great visit, whether that meant giving travel advice, taking people to town on a walking tour, or, in my case, calling the cops on the cabbie who charged me too much (seriously, Mary was NOT going to allow me to get overcharged – he came back and gave me money back).

There are free scheduled activities throughout each day as well as options to sign up for tours. Every night in one of the common areas it’s Cava Time! Which means drinking cava, playing music and singing along with staff and other hostel-mates, jamming like longtime friends.

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Need to Know: Email your flight itinerary in advance to ensure smoothest airport transfer. Bula is a way of life. Don’t miss cava time!

Pros/Cons: Staff are top notch, food is good, great hostel community, killer price. Slower Wi-Fi, a bit of a trek to the city.

lovingly, jess

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