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Bula for the third time from Fiji!

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’re moving to Fiji.” – mom

For the third time since April, I am back in Fiji! This week is a lovely turn of events from last. The allergic reaction is gone – my face and ears are back to normal size, almost all of my bruises from falling are healed (the cab driver in Fiji must have been worried about domestic abuse and pointed to the last, deep, one on my leg and asked if I was alright) and I’m officially off the boat (so I can, in fact, have lunch). Blunders are a part of travel and are to be expected. I’d say it’s better they all came together. I know I should be good for awhile now.

So this week has been all about recharging and getting ready for the next leg and it’s the perfect place to do it. It starts with little things, like getting some sleep – sleep is a commodity on a boat, whether at sea or not, because you’re either getting up for watches, or with the rise of the sun. I’m already on the record that I think sitting on a beach is a cure for jet lag, so there’s no reason it can’t work for boat lag. Also, I don’t know if boat lag is a thing, but I’m going to make it one. Next has been getting lots of internety things (also a phrase I’m trying to make happen) done. This has meant making updates to the blog in terms of design and layout, not just posts, as well as updating my LinkedIn profile and starting a profile on a popular freelancing website. The boring stuff that needs to be done, and is much more enjoyed with feet in the sand and the sound of wind through the palms.

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This isn’t even the last stop to Fiji, as it will continue to serve as a transit hub for the remainder of Oceania. I head to Samoa on Thursday and am so excited about it. Every Samoan I’ve ever met is pretty great, so I can’t even imagine a whole island of them. BONUS! Not by design, but my visit to Tonga following Samoa will land perfectly in whale season. Google image search “whales Tonga” and you can be just as excited as I am.

“Jessie!! You’re back!! You’ve been gone so long! Where have you been? What have you been doing? You’re getting so skinny!!” Clearly I will stay at this same hostel every single time I come back. Usually I like to try the others, but here, the people are just great. Yesterday, I ran into one of the employees I hadn’t seen yet and he just ran up and gave me a big hug. I think I’ll stay. And come back.

So sorry that this week’s postcard isn’t full of adventure, but I dared to GSD! But, now I only have a few days left in Fiji, so on to finding some adventure!




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