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Bula from Fiji! (again)

This week I came back to Fiji to catch up with a boat. The Pacific islands nations are remote and hard/expensive to get to any way other than by sea. So with that, I have been working to find a boat that I can crew on. This is a pretty fantastic way to get around. There are a few different ways to go. You can look for paid work on a boat, but these are often charters and have limited itineraries (and require commitment for the season).

Better yet, you can find captains who are sailing or yachting who are looking for extra people. Because they need extra hands (cooking, cleaning, sharing watches, etc.), they are willing to trade a ride and place to stay for that work. Additionally, many of them are well equipped to run their boats themselves if they chose, so the crew doesn’t need any major qualifications (though I’m told that being a young female with experience sailing and cooking is a major plus).

So, I found a captain going to 4 countries, but I missed his departure from New Zealand by a few weeks. Not to fret, I met up with him in Fiji.

But before the boat – more Fiji fun! I loved the hostel I stayed at, so I went back, and continued to love it. Even though I was there a few nights 6 weeks ago, everyone greeted me with a “you’re back!” excitement. I’m impressed. This time I went to Natandola Bay and did some serious snorkeling and spear-fishing observing (I am a terrible shot, but good at swimming along and pointing at big fish) and to the rock pools for cliff jumping, swimming and sun. And of course, cava.

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Then I took the bus across the island to Suva, where I met Stedem. We are getting along quite well and made a first passage to Lautoka where we can check out through customs. I will definitely at sea-sickness meds to the shopping list when provisioning. We’ll spend a few days near Lautoka getting the boat stocked up and ready, clearing customs, then headed to Tuvalu!


Lovingly, Jess

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