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Greetings from the Gold Coast!

Or should I say, “how you going?”, which, apparently, means the same as “how are you?” or probably closer, “how’s it going?” You will hear it from every person you talk to in Australia. It’s almost as ubiquitous as bula.

Another week in and I’m already on to my second destination in Australia. I’ve set out a few stops here, but know that I won’t be here long enough to get everywhere on my list, so I guess I’ll just have to come back! Gold Coast is like half Orange County (for the beach) and half Jersey Shore (for the vibe). It’s pretty cool, but a stark contrast walking the beach here vs. Fiji, where I would have received a bula for every person I passed. Here I couldn’t even get people to make eye contact. Maybe they were too busy figuring out where they were in their GTL cycle.

Let’s not skip past Sydney though! Oh man, so much fun packed into a week. My first full day there was Anzac Day, the significance of which I can’t pack into a postcard. But it was really incredible to see how Aussies commemorate the loss in the battle at Gallipoli in WWI (look it up, it’s worth it).

One of the Aussies I met in Colombia lives in Manly, so I stayed with her, and the other is from Perth, so she came across for the weekend. We had loads of fun and since it was her first visit to Sydney, got to do the touristy stuff – pictures at the opera house and harbour bridge, botanical gardens, the ferry, etc. I checked out the infamous Bondi Beach and we met up with another friend made in Colombia at his send off party (he’s moving to the States – watch out SF!).

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I ate kangaroo. At first, that sounded so sad! But then I learned they are more of a pest than the adorable cartoon we think of, so I was ok with it. And it was pretty delicious. Do you know what I will NEVER eat? Wallaby. Because how freaking cute is this baby wallaby? It let me get super close to take pictures and hang out, but when others came over, it ran back into mom’s pouch. All this talk of kangaroos, Australia needs to get baby wallabies more love!!

See ya! (everyone also says this – even to strangers, whom they will never see again)

Lovingly, Jess

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