A tribute to Notre-Dame and her impact on travel

Collective shock set in around the world as pictures of one of the most iconic buildings in history burned. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is about 800 years old, visited by 13 million people annually. Because it is such a symbol of Paris, people's reactions have gone beyond the now-standard "thoughts and prayers" to mourning a genuine connection to the church. As those memories fill the internet this week, I've gathered many of them here. Whether it be a first trip abroad, or starting a new phase of life, or a shared moment between family members, or an inspiration to understand architecture, people's stories about Notre-Dame have been a reminder of how travel can impact us.

The immediate response, reactions to, and backlash from Notre-Dame’s fire have shown unequivocally that travel makes an impact.  Here’s why that matters. I have written and rewritten and edited this article a bunch of times (either physically or in my head). I started to collect travel stories from people while […]

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