Affiliates and Sponsors

Affiliates and affiliate links – what’s that about? Affiliates are links placed on many posts on How Dare She; when you make a purchase or booking after clicking one of these links, I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. These small commissions help keep this blog, and me, running all over the world.


Please know that all opinions and advice remain my own, or of guest authors to this site. Posts with affiliate and sponsor links are denoted accordingly (that’s probably how you got here). I always welcome feedback on How Dare She, but especially encourage it on affiliates and sponsors as I want to make sure I’m featuring brands we can all be proud of.


In addition to affiliates, sponsors are partners I work with who have offered me their services or products at a discount or for free, in exchange for my review and tagging them in content (or producing content for their own use, such as photos or blogs). I retain all editorial decisions and will never, ever, publish a review I don’t believe in.


My commitment to you is to only recommend and provide resources that I trust. So do me a solid in return and keep me How Dare She in mind. Your use of these resources help keeps me on the road, and giving you more content in return.


Want to hear about affiliates from someone other than me? Here’s a primer on them and how they work (in general).





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