Hostel Review – Old Countryhouse, Christchurch, New Zealand

Old Countryhouse

Sum it up: Pricey, country cabin feel, 15-20 minute walk from the city.

My length of visit (for your reference): 2 nights

Cost: $35 NZD ($26.25 USD)/night for an 8 person dorm


Hostel Basics:

  • WiFi: Yes.
  • Breakfast: No.
  • Guest-Use Kitchen: Yes. There were actually several, which spread out the guests and made it easier to cook.
  • Bar/Kitchen: No.
  • BYO: Yes.


Location: Approximately 15 minute walk to the “main” area of Christchurch. Near a small grocery and convenience store, and a few small counter service restaurants. The city itself is still rebuilding, so it’s hard to rate the hostel versus the city, given an extreme lack of things to do.


Airport Transfers: NO. They list that they offer airport transfers, but what they really mean is that they’ll book a shuttle for you for $25 additional each way. And if you want to book this, you will have needed to book during their business hours. I booked because it was listed that they do offer them, figuring the extra few dollars would be worth it. Sadly, not.


Hostel Overview: Would you go back? Probably not.


The hostel has a really cool setup – several different houses on the property with a spa and garden area in the middle. But it lacks a social area, which means when you’re traveling alone, you don’t have a great way to meet people, outside of the kitchen or the tv room. They list that they have heat (important in the winter), but I think you’d be hard-pressed to find it. In following up with the property, they are looking into the heat situation in the rooms I referenced, assuring me that it should have been on.


OFFICE HOURS. This is the first hostel I’ve stayed in that “closes”, which meant that when I arrived at 4:30 am, with no airport transfer (as I thought I’d have), I waited in the airport for 3 hours until the first city bus ran, took it as close as I could get, walked a ways in the cold, and then, because of their office hours, sat outside in the cold for another 45 minutes, waiting for them to open, so I could at least come inside. I booked the night before, after the office had closed (which I didn’t know because that information is super-buried in the Hostelworld overview), so I didn’t have the chance to coordinate anything prior to arrival.


The hostel itself is really quite beautiful. If I were traveling with someone and had less off-hour travel plans, it may be worth it.


Need to Know: Book in advance enough to coordinate your travel with the office hours.


Pros/Cons: Cool set-up if traveling with friends, not “hostely”; not really a close walk to…anything.


lovingly, jess