Hostel Review – Asylum Cairns, Cairns, Australia

Asylum Cairns

Sum it up: Find yourself in a family overnight – a family that you party with!

My length of visit (for your reference): 4 nights

Cost: $15 AUD ($12.00 USD)/night for a 16 person dorm (I was upgraded into a 4 person female dorm – score!)


Hostel Basics:

  • WiFi: Yes. You can get WiFi by signing up for the Thursday night pub crawl (see: Pants Down Party) or pay for daily use. You can also access the internet for free on a computer in the shared space, in 15 minute increments.
  • Breakfast: No.
  • Guest-Use Kitchen: Yes – quite large and good refrigerator space.
  • Bar/Kitchen: No, but decent selection of beverages and snacks available for purchase.
  • BYO: Yes. And the standard BYO is goon. Buy yourself a box of goon and you’ll be set for a few days.


Location: About 10 minutes from everywhere.


The hostel is easy walking distance to just about everything – shops, the marina, the Lagoon, grocery, bars, etc. It’s nice that it isn’t right in the middle of everything because you feel like you’re in your own little community. Plus, it’s closest to the airport so you’re the first stop for the airport shuttle (and last when heading back).


Airport Transfers: Yes, pick-up only. Upon booking you’ll receive an email with shuttle information. There was miscommunication with ours and a few of us waited 1.5 hours for the shuttle, but we were fast friends by the time we got to the hostel.


Hostel Overview: Would you go back? Definitely!


By the second day, it felt like we’d all been there together for weeks. Really great social vibe. The common areas are set up to encourage interaction (you can only have your free coffee out with everyone else).


Pants Down Party: As soon as I saw pics of the Pants Down Party, I knew this hostel would be for me. Basically, the entire hostel shuts down and does a bar crawl on Thursday nights. It’s $15 AUD and you get pizza and a cup of goon prior to departure, plus a drink at each of three bars (note, the first bar it’s really just a small shot of a super sweet cordial liqueur), PLUS, you get internet for the week on one device. Just about everyone from the hostel goes and there’s mad fun and dancing. So why is it “pants down”? You start the crawl by lining up to moon the camera and every time a guest drops trow throughout the night, a donation is made to a wildlife fund. You’ll end up buying a beer or two throughout the night, but having a great time dancing off the pizza.


Need to Know: The property is cash only, so be sure to get cash at the airport to take care of your room, key deposit etc.


Pros/Cons: Further from the water and no free Wi-FI on your personal devices, but super-cool vibe, plenty of fun to be had, with a pool, all in walking distance of the pier.


lovingly, jess

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      Yes, I was moving quickly, so I flew. Tiger Air has great prices, especially if you’re looking in advance!