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Here on How Dare She isn’t the only place to get great content and a daring voice! I’m grateful to have my content featured in other media like Huff Post, Elite Daily and Matador Network. While some of these articles have also been published here, some are fresh content more appropriate for those networks.

Elite Daily

Elite Daily has featured several How Dare She articles with a bigger audience, including 5 Travel Apps to Keep You Sane and 6 Ways to Be a More Responsible Animal Tourist.

Huffington Post

In 6 Thoughts After Being Chased in a Foreign Country, I share a scary story and, as the title suggests, some thoughts about what happened. The lockouts in Sydney represent a very focused issue, but caught my attention not only for my friends there, but because of how the community is groping for a way to work together to affect a positive change. This piece is equally about community engagement and Millennials as it is about our friends down under. In Which Matters More, I explore some of the concerns I have observing the rhetoric of this year’s election.

Matador Network

Named as one of 16 Female Instagrammers Who Keep it Real and, keeping it image focused, here’s a photo essay of New Zealand.

Stop Kiddin’ Studio

During my visit to Taiwan, I was so happy to sit down with Johnny from popular YouTube channel Stop Kiddin’ Studio and talk about my goal to visit every country in the world.

And some guest posts…

A Guide to Samoa on www.anitahendrieka.com.

My “defining moment” with Redefine Real Life.



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