Hi, I’m Jessica. You may have already figured that out. I amwpid-dsc04202-01.jpeg collecting countries. Every country. What about North Korea? Yeah, there too, it’s a country. And all those “scary” places in the Middle East? Countries? Yup. How dare she!

There have been several, many in fact, men who have gone around collecting countries. They are badasses in their own right and I’m impressed by each and every one of them. But it is noticeable how few women have attempted such a feat. Why?

Well, some women aren’t into travel. Some countries aren’t into women traveling (see: Saudi Arabia). But I think more often women are, and in many ways should be, more apprehensive about solo travel due to the potential risks in addition to having a higher tendency to want to share experiences with someone. So they wait until they have the right boyfriend or husband or girlfriend or wife to go along with. But once they’ve found that person, they start thinking about the life they want to build, the house they want to build it in, and the children they want to fill it with, and travel becomes a shelved dream, to be dusted off in retirement.

What is How Dare She?

“I could never” to “I can’t wait!”  DSC03058-02

I started How Dare She as the project to collect all these countries, and share those experiences back with the world. I have noticed how few Americans travel and any discussions of upcoming trips are often met with surprise. “You’re going where? By yourself? Aren’t you scared? They have….[insert list of scary things likely perpetuated by media]!! I could never!”

I personally hate extremes like “never” (and especially “impossible”). I hope to challenge people who feel that way about travel to understand what their obstacles are, and how to overcome them. There are a lot of reasons to be apprehensive of travel, especially if you stick to the Fox News cycle, but I see those as considerations to take, not reasons to skip.So How Dare She is not just about me going to every country in the world, but bringing you along with me. I want to explore the challenges (be they financial, health, cultural, and especially gender-based) to see and show how to get around or over them, to reap the benefit all over the world. I want the “I could never“s to turn into “I can’t wait!“s

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Core Values

You want to contribute? Yes, please!

Buy me a coffee? Or buy yourself a dare! I did a crowdfund paypalcampaign to start the funding for this project. It was successful and I’m very grateful. Several people have asked since if they can still contribute the answer is, of course, a resounding yes. I’ll even honor the rewards of the crowdfunding.

How? My favorite was is through Square Cash. Haven’t heard of it? They’re amazing. You just link your card to an account and it’s all quick and easy from there. My cashtag is $howdareshe. Paypal works great too. Just make sure I know who contributed and have an email address to not only thank you, but to coordinate any rewards with you.


Contribute $10 or more DIGITAL HIGH FIVE. High five and thanks! $10 goes a long way. You’ll be thanked at www.howdareshe.org.
Contribute $25 or more POST CARD SUBSCRIPTION. Pledgers will receive the high five and added to a subscription of weekly digital postcards showcasing the best of each week of the How Dare She adventure.
Contribute $50 or more CREDITS OR PHOTOGRAPHY. All of the above, plus pledgers will receive their choice of being featured in the credits of every video and mentioned when posted (stay up on the latest news) OR a high-res. photo file of their choice for personal use/production (I have an amazing printing company you can get it produced through for reasonable price and they can produce just about whatever you want).
Contribute $100 or more TRUTH OR DARE. All of the above, plus pledgers will receive the namesake of my project: a dare. For $100 you get to dare me to do something, anywhere in the world. Want to see me bungee jump? Eat an oyster (I’ve only tried it once)? Try to speak a language I don’t know? Learn to sing/dance/surf/whatever? It’s yours for just $100. (and if the dare is just too outrageous for me, we’ll go the traditional truth or dare model – and I’ll have to do it on camera!) But I say bring it on! You can even get an economy pack of 10 dares for $500!
Contribute $500 or more BEST VALUE!!!! TRUTH OR DARE. All of the above, plus pledgers will receive an economy pack of the namesake of my project: a dare. For $500 you get 10 dares (see $100).
Contribute $501 or more ART (PHOTO)! If dares aren’t your thing, all of the above, plus pledgers will receive their choice of an original photo, produced and shipped (style will be your choice – framed, gallery wrap, float wrap, unframed).
Contribute $1,000 or more SOUVENIRS. All of the above, plus pledgers will receive a non-touristy souvenir from 10 countries of their choice (note: pledgers may choose the countries, but timing of delivery is dependent on itinerary).
Contribute $2,500 or more ORGANIC ENDORSEMENT. All of the above, plus pledgers will receive organic product endorsement throughout the first year, in video and blog form, minimum of 5 episodes each (note: How Dare She retains the right to accept or reject the opportunity to work with the brand/company).


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