A Visit to Tasmania

I spent my time in Tasmania in Hobart. In the winter. And fyi, it’s cold. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful and there aren’t tons of things to do. At one moment you’ll be bike-riding and at another, you’ll be in a snowball fight. I stayed at the Pickled Frog¬†and would highly recommend it. Then, take in the arts, the hiking, and even hit a local brewery, and you’ll love Tas as much as I did.


ARTBIKES and the Museums
There is so much art in Hobart. MONA is probably the more famous of the museums, but you have 21 notable art spots in Hobart alone. This is where ARTBIKES comes in. You can hire (rent) a bike, for FREE for the day, and explore the city and all the art is has to offer. It’s only free for the day, so get started early and you’ll be able to pack a lot in.

MONA is a LONG bike ride away. The weather turned, so I ended up taking the ferry back. But the ride is along the water and gorgeous.

ARTBIKES are available weekdays at 146 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

Find out more on ARTBIKES and art in Hobart here.

I personally found MONA a bit underwhelming, but a lot of people like it. A lot of the works are multi-media experiences, so you have to spend some time to take it all in. Plan to give yourself at least the full afternoon.

It’s also located right on the water with gorgeous indoor and outdoor spaces – if you go in the afternoon, you can enjoy the ferry ride back at sunset (make sure you leave well before sunset if you rode the bike though as you won’t have time to get it back before closing).


Take a Hike (Mt. Wellington)
Mount Wellington is pretty easy to see from about anywhere in Hobart and offers some of the most scenic hiking. You can hike up and down, or better yet, catch a ride or a bus to the top and hike down. You can even fill your water bottle with fresh spring water on the hike. In adverse weather conditions (like when we went), the top of the hike is quite arduous, but if you stick with it, the payoff is worth it. If it’s cold (and there’s snow), be sure to pack layers accordingly and wear shoes that are water resistant (my feet were freezing with soaked up snow).

If you go with a group from the hostel, they’ll give you more detail on how to get down, but our shuttle drive had the best advice, “As long as you’re going down, you’re going the right way. We’re on an island, so you’ll hit water eventually.” But the different routes can vary in up to 4 hours, so plan it out. AND if you plan it right, you’ll finish at the perfect stop – the brewery.


Taste Local Brews (Cascade Brewery)
Aside from being beer at the end of 6 hours of hiking, Cascade Brewery is one of my favorite brewery stops I’ve ever made. The location couldn’t be much more beautiful. The beer is delicious and cold. They have food. AND they had freshly made stout ice cream. A definite must in Tas. Bonus: there’s beautiful outdoor seating to enjoy the sights and weather.



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